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Vecchia - Toscana - Resort Barrio Paris 18002 Livingston - Izabal Guatemala, C.A. Tel: (+502) 7947-0884 Cell: (+502) 4804-2027 info@livingston-vecchiatoscana.com

Vecchia – Toscana
Barrio Paris
18002 Livingston
Guatemala, C.A.
Tel: (+502) 7947-0884


Relaxation and adventure await you at Vecchia Toscana Resort. From our hotel you can walk to Siete Altares, catch a boat to snorkel in a coral reef, walk into town for lively music and cultural events, head up the river to hot springs or a manatee reserve, or simply lay by the pool or wade in the warm sea.  Our resort features a mixture of Caribbean architecture, European service-standards, and exquisite, original cuisine using local produce and seafood bought daily cooked with a mix of Mayan, Garifuna, and Italian traditions.

Right in the center of our resort is our beautiful pool. Enjoy relaxing on a sun lounger or have a cool cocktail at our pool bar!

Right in the center of our resort is our beautiful pool.

Relax in a safe and charming environment, fall asleep to the sound of lapping waves and enjoy your meals in our sea-view restaurant while getting ready to explore the nearby beauties of nature. In the evening, join other guests for a refreshing cocktail at our pool bar or watch the sun set into the sea from one of our rooftop terraces.

As an Italian Resort, our Chef is proud to present to you a variety of authentic Italian specialties including pizza prepared in real brick ovens!

Fresh seafood is bought right off the boat daily.  Ask about today’s catch!

Vecchia Toscana Resort is located outside the town center of Livingston, directly on the Caribbean beach, making it a quite and peaceful place, still in walking distance of the main street with it’s many colorful stores, bars, and restaurants.

By combining European service standards with the typical Caribbean flair, Vecchia Toscana Resort offers you great value for money and a very unique environment for a perfect stay.

Nuestros clientes pueden llegar directamente al muelle de l'hotel

Our clients can go directly to the hotel pier

While in our Restaurant you will be able to access our free WiFi.

While in our Restaurant you will be able to access our free WiFi.

Our Commitment:

We want you to have a great time – and we will do whatever it takes to succeed in this. It’s that simple!



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